Alcohol and Drugs

Responsible drinking of alcohol is very important. The legal age for purchasing alcoholic beverages in Italy is 16; however, minors are permitted to drink alcohol in the company of friends and family. The consumption of alcohol in moderation is allowed at the Rome campus in the evening after classes are finished for the day with the expectation that each student is responsible for exhibiting a respectful, considerate, and decorous behavior. Students will be considered responsible for their actions and maintaining cleanliness in the common areas.

It is expected that students will not engage in the following activities:

  • Creating excessive noise and disruption to the community.
  • Engaging in parties, drinking games, or the possession of large quantities of alcohol.
  • Drinking in the library, chapel, or classrooms.
  • Consuming immoderately so that staff or medical assistance is required.

In addition:

  • Should a student present themselves in class incapable of participating due to intoxication or fatigue, this will be counted as an absence and may result in disciplinary sanctions.
  • Under no circumstance are non-prescribed drugs allowed on the campus.


The Rome campus is smoke-free. This encompasses the entire campus, including but not limited to the garden, the cloister, rooms, hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, dining room, chapel, and library. Any smoking, if desired, must take place outside of the Rome campus property (outside the gate).