All students are expected to attend class, complete the assigned reading and writing assignments on time, and participate in class. When residing off campus or traveling to classes meeting on site, it is advisable that travel plans take into consideration unexpected delays so as to not impact on class attendance.

Students are expected to act responsibly at all times. Students will be required to:

  • Dress appropriately when attending class, particularly noting that, in keeping with Italian custom, shorts and sleeveless shirts are not to be worn to class visits to churches or museums and men must remove their hats.
  • Be on time for class, allowing enough time for the commute, if applicable; lateness may count as absence.
  • Not eat, smoke, listen to music devices, or use a cell (mobile) phone or other electronic device-including laptops-during class time: accommodations can be made for documented disabilities.
  • Attend all scheduled site visits, day trips, and weekend trips that are part of the given class
  • Give consideration, when contemplating late nights out, that classes are scheduled to start early in the morning.