Taxis in Rome are plentiful and not very expensive. Many different companies are in operation, but every official taxi is white, with a "TAXI" lighted sign on the top. The Rome City Council's shield and the taxi license number are displayed on the car's front doors and inside the vehicle. Do not accept rides from individuals that do not have such a car; students may often be approached by such illegal drivers at the airport and train station, both inside and outside. Legal taxis can only be obtained at the taxi stand outside. Other alternatives may be expensive or worse.

Calling a Taxi

Taxis can be waved down in the street, can be obtained at taxi stands located throughout the city, or can be called. Two handy numbers are 06 5551 and 06 3570. When you call a taxi, there is an additional 3.50 euro charge.


  • All taxis are equipped with a meter. The cost is determined by the meter reading, plus additional charges. Exceptions are trips from the airports to the center of Rome (see below).
  • The taxi meter will start at 3 euro (6am-10pm weekdays), 4.50 euro (6am-10pm Sundays and holidays), or at 6.50 euro (10pm-6am). The fare is calculated by the meter based on distance and time.
  • Extra charges: Each piece of luggage beyond the first piece is 1 euro. Each passenger in addition to 4 passengers (in large taxis) costs 1 euro. There is a 3.50 euro charge when a taxi is called. There is a 10% discount for unaccompanied women between 10pm and 6am.
  • Fixed charges: Trips to and from the airports and the historic center have a fixed charge, including all tips and baggage. To or from Fiumicino airport is 48 euro, to or from Ciampino airport is 30 euro.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to confuse the inexperienced foreigner with taxi charges. While most taxi drivers are honest, the dishonest ones tend to collect at the tourist spots: Termini, St. Peter's, the airports. When taking a taxi from these spots, be prepared for any eventuality. [One scam is to claim that the weary tourist paid with the wrong bill, so when travelling from one of these tourist spots, be sure to clearly say as you hand over your money: "Here is 50 euro" or better "Le do cinquanta euro".]