Catholic University has developed a curriculum that makes the most of the city. Classes look at Rome from different perspectives and combine the study of ideas and texts with the study of the city itself. Students learn about Rome's contributions through visiting the places where events happened, studying the art and buildings of history, and walking the streets in the footsteps of Julius Caesar, St. Peter and St. Paul, Plotinus, Constantine, St. Augustine, St. Benedict, Pope St. Gregory the Great, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena, and many, many other thinkers, artists, politicians, emperors, kings, popes, and saints. Students play an active role in exploring the city, studying the sites, and reflecting on their significance.

Semester Courses

Students spending a semester at the Rome Center participate in a liberal-arts intensive curriculum that focuses on the history and culture of Rome.

Standard course load:

  • 4 liberal arts courses (3 credits each).
  • 1 Italian language course (3 or 4 credits)

Regular semester courses

Ancient Rome

  • CLAS 318R/ART 318 Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome

Christian Rome

  • TRS 345 Liturgical Art and Architecture
  • TRS 362R Theology of the Church in Rome
  • TRS 363R Christology in the City of Rome

Modern and Contemporary Rome

  • PHIL 310 Philosophy of Art
  • ENG 378 Italy in American and British Literature
  • Italian language courses

Specialized courses

  • Architecture curriculum in Fall and Spring
  • Courses taught by specialists from the D.C. campus

Short courses

  • Nursing courses in conjunction with ACU: January
  • First-Year Experience in Rome: May-June
  • International Human Rights, Columbus School of Law: May-June
  • Visions of Italy, Library Science Graduate Course: May-June