It is important that students bring these documents and the necessary photocopies with them to Rome. Since it is difficult to have photocopies made during the first days in Rome, it is essential that students make the copies ahead of time and bring them to Rome in their carry-on luggage.

Semester students

  • The address and phone number of the school.
  • Two photocopies of the picture page and the visa page of the passport, one to turn in to the residence staff or the host family, and the other to keep for personal use.
  • The insurance card or letter from Mercer Campus Travel Assistance Services with the student's name on it, along with two photocopies of it.
  • Two copies of the student's entire passport, after they have received the Italian visa. This means two copies of every page of the passport, including all blank pages. Black and white copies are fine, but they should be on letter-sized paper.
  • The letter in Italian provided by CUA attesting to the student's participation in the program. It will be stamped by the Embassy of Italy during visa processing. Two photocopies are also needed.
  • Five identical passport-sized pictures (real photos, not scanned). These can also be obtained at the photo booths in Rome.
  • 120.00 euro in cash (price subject to change).

Short program students

  • The address and phone number of the school.
  • A photocopy of the picture page of the passport.
  • The insurance card from Mercer Campus Travel Assistance Services.